Psychic Christine Podcast Ep 70

Psychic Christine Podcast

Ep 70 In The Know

Many call it new age and make us think well this must be something new maybe invented by some of today’s hippy types but did you know this is not new at all in fact is very old going as far back as 1500 BC so lets get things balanced and learn about all this new age stuff it can’t hurt. If you would like to have a private reading be sure to check out my website and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to get you free sample tarot card reading. Choose psychic Snow for a reading she is available now at only 99 cents per minute and your first 3 minutes are free until june 15th then her reading will be going up to 3.99 per minute so take advantage of this offer. Psychic Fair coming soon! Lots of different psychics to choose from with a variety of products and services please join in and bring your friend to 810 Chestnut street, Philadelphia Pa 19107 August 24/25 Free gift for the first 20 visitors.