Psychic Christine Podcast Ep 81

Psychic Christine Podcast

Ep 81 When your soulmate breaks up with you

Yes, it does happen. Many times a soulmate relationship can be the most difficult relationship you have ever had but after years and years of working as a psychic they almost always pop back in sooner or later and this is why I always advice people to live there lives and not to twiddle they’re thumbs waiting for the soulmate to call. I also believe that we all have psychic ability to a degree and yes you can always feel your soulmate. Many of us second guess our own psychic ability and end up looking back to realize that our feelings were right. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to trust your feelings about things. This podcast is not meant to be a substitute for an actual reading but it can enlighten you in many ways. Thank you so much sending lots of love and light to all my listeners.