Psychic Christine Podcast Ep 96

Psychic Christine Podcast

Ep 96 Interview With Psychic Britney

Listen in to our interview with psychic Britney who will become available soon on currently I have some new psychics up who are ready to serve you. You might be wondering why would one good not psychic be enough? there’s a simple answer to this question. Many different psychics offer a variety of different services and have they’re own unique style on how they relay what they see to the client now with that being said sometimes the client and the psychics personality clash and are not a good match. You have no idea how many people I have seen that complained that they had a reading and it was terrible and when I asked if it was accurate I was shocked to hear yes it was but she was rude or whatever else lol, so moving forward as I’d mentioned above some psychics can be blunt,direct and to the point and may not pic the best words to explain what they see not because they mean to be mean that;s just how they see it and relay it to the client. Psychic Jagger has a pretty strong approach in her readings and so does psychic Cassidy, psychic Brittney who will be on soon has a soft approach style to her readings as does psychic Sabrina who will also be up soon on psychic Anna has a new age type style and is very articulate and Elliot Miller is kinda a combination of all of these he can be to the point, soft approach and articulate as well. So I hope all of this has helped you to understand why I am looking at different psychics with different styles and personality’s as well as a variety of different services.